Milwaukee Police Supervisors’ Organization


Open Membership Meeting:  Monday, August 15

9am & 7pm, at the Hall.


The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that the state statute limiting municipalities’ latitude when imposing a residency requirement was legal.

Simply put, MPSO members cannot be required to live within the City of Milwaukee.  However, the law does allow the City to require our members to live within 15 miles of the boundary, and the City is indeed going to enforce a 15 mile limit.

The MPSO has been in discussions with the City over how they will implement the limit.  We have not been informed of their decisions over certain details.  We expect members who are residing outside the 15 mile limit will be contacted by the city and provided those details.

2016 MPSO Golf Outing

This years Golf Outing will be held at the beautiful Grand Geneva Resort golf course on September 19th.  This increasingly popular event moves to Grand Geneva to help us accommodate the large number of participants.   One of the courses is nearly sold out, so help us sell out both courses by letting people who might be interested know about the event. 

For those of you interested in staying overnight at the Resort, the MPSO has arranged special rates.  Rooms must be booked by August 8th to receive the rate, so don’t forget to book.

Join us for a great day of golf & camaraderie, and the bonus is that proceeds go to some worthy charities. Download the MPSO Golf Outing 2016 brochure pdf and come on out!

Time Donation

Our colleague, Sebastian Raclaw, is grievously ill, and is eligible for time donations.  If you decide to help, please follow the following method:

  1. 1. Fill out the forms in no greater than 8 hour increments, e.g if you intend to donate 40 hours, fill out 5 eight hour forms.  This allows us to spread out donations.

  2. 2.Send the forms to an MPSO Board member or drop them at the Hall.  We will submit them as needed.  If you submit the hours directly to the City, the time will be deducted from you whether used or not.

Questions may be directed to Carmelo Patti. Download the Donor LeaveIntent Form pdf.

Welcome to the MPSO


2900 W. Forest Home Ave.

Milwaukee, WI  53215

  1. (414)672-MPSO

Board of Directors:

Nicholas Kerhin - President

Carmelo Patti - Vice President

Mark Wroblewski - Treasurer

Scott Charles - Secretary

Joseph Seitz - Director

Gregg Duran - Director

Thomas Klusman - Labor Relations Manager

2016 Events

08/15/2016 - Open Meetings 9a & 7p

09/19/2016 - MPSO Golf Outing

11/14/2016 - Open Meetings 9a & 7p

12/15/2016 - Christmas Party

Job Opportunities

Security Officer (part time)

School Sisters of St. Francis

1st or 2nd shift on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  Submit resume at or call 414.385.5229 for details.