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As previously announced, the interest arbitration hearings for a successor to our expired 2010-2012 labor agreement were held beginning January 12, 2015.   The hearing took four (4) days and concluded on January 15, 2015.

At the close of hearings, the arbitrator set deadlines for both parties to submit post-hearing briefs by Friday, March 13th, 2015.   Reply briefs are then due fourteen (14) days thereafter.   At that point, the record will be closed, and the arbitrator will begin writing his decision.

The arbitrator was selected jointly by both parties.  Both parties; the City and MPSO, had equal strikes from a random pool provided by the WERC.  During the hearings, the arbitrator provided both parties, both the City and MPSO, full and equal opportunity to present evidence and witnesses, and to cross-examine and rebut each other’s evidence and witnesses.  The arbitrator now has the responsibility of ending the parties’ impasse by deciding the terms of a new labor agreement.  Although he has the authority to fashion his own decision on each item as he sees fit based on the evidence and testimony he was provided, each of the final offers for the issues at impasse are reflected below for member’s information:

MPSO Final Offer

Effective PP  1, 2013, a  2.9% ATB Increase in Base Salary

Effective PP  1, 2014, a  2.9% ATB Increase in Base Salary

City Final Offer

Effective PP  1, 2013, a  2.0% ATB Increase in Base Salary

Effective PP  1, 2014, a  1.0% ATB Increase in Base Salary

Effective PP14, 2014, a  1.0% ATB Increase in Base Salary

Effective PP25, 2014, a  0.5% ATB Increase in Base Salary

Effective upon ratification, implement a minimum retirement age of 52,

regardless of years of service for employees newly enrolled in the ERS.

            The arbitrator has wide flexibility as far as when he will issue his decision, so we cannot give a precise timeline. 

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414.672.MPSO (6776)
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Board of Directors

Nick Kerhin - President
Carmelo Patti - Vice President
Mark Wroblewski - Treasurer
Scott Charles - Secretary 
Joe Seitz - Director
Gregg Duran - Director

Tom Klusman - Labor Relations Manager
Upcoming Events 
2015 Open Meetings: 9am & 7pm
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Golf Outing - September 14
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Sponsors & Friends

Joe Sullivan

Financial Consultant

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Financial Consultant

Milwaukee Retired Police Association

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Sebastian Raclaw Abdominal Cancer Research Fund.

Job Opportunities

State Fair Park Police

Officers who have retired in good standing and have an active LESB certification may call (414) 266-7033 for more information and an application.

Mount Mary University

Public Safety Officer:

2nd Shift: 3pm to 11pm - weekends

Mount Mary University is currently seeking an individual to contribute to the realization of our mission through the role of part time (2 days/week) Public Safety Officer.  Prior security experience and a valid WI driver’s license and CPR/AED certification preferred. 

For confidential consideration, please apply on line at or send resume to  

Any questions, please feel free to call 414-258-4810 and contact either Paul Leshok, Director of Public Safety at  x658 or Christine Lukas Human Resource Rep. at  x350.

University School of Milwaukee

Security Officer:

University School of Milwaukee is seeking part-time security officers; shifts vary, additional hours required on as needed basis. The ideal candidate will have the ability to be flexible beyond scheduled work hours, will have good communication skills, the ability to deal with a wide variety of people and situations, and to quickly and calmly assess situations. Interested candidates please send a resume to